Wednesday, April 20


Dearest Blogreaders,

I am so sorry for the lapse in time since my last post. And so much has happened!

- Ten and I matched to the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) - our first choice! We celebrated by going out to lunch and then driving to Farmway and buying $200 worth of SmartWool socks.
- We went out to Ann Arbor a few weeks ago and found a house we adore. The sellers just accepted our bid and we are due to close in late May. Eek!! And, Blogreaders, there's a guest room!
- Eerily enough, the sellers moved to Ann Arbor (and into the house we're buying) 42 years ago from CHARLOTTE, VT, where Ten lives! (Population: about 3-4000)
- Ten saw a fox and 5 kits outside her window a couple of days ago, so now Boo is an exlusively indoor cat.
- Boo's p!$$ed that she doesn't have a blog name. Literally. She's been peeing extra hard.
- Ten and I are pretty sure that we're going to take a pre-wedding honeymoon. Stay tuned for details.
- Two more weeks until our big Southern Plantation Extravaganza in Louisiana, hosted by my wonderful parents.
- Watch this:
- I have three more days of medical school. THREE MORE DAYS!
- For graduation, Ten bought me a new computer, a Dell 14R (blue). I love it so much. I may decide to marry it instead of Ten. (J/K, Ten! Thx 4 da gift.)

With sincere apologies and embarrassment,


Wednesday, March 2

Look What Came In The Mail Today!

Tuesday, March 1

A Request

Please vote on the new T/F poll at right. I'm very curious as to your responses.

Your word of the day:
sitzfleisch(SITZ-flaish, ZITS-)(n): The ability to sit through or tolerate something boring.

Cord-En-Bleu Attacks

Monday, February 28

This Is Where Ten Works

And this is why I'm nervous about her quitting her job for little old me.

Sunday, February 27

Those of you have been to my condo know that Ten likes to greet me. My refrigerator is covered in greeting cards, and I'd say I get a new one every two weeks or so. Anyway, I was spacing out, staring at my fridge the other day, when I realized that I had a number of cards following a certain theme. See if you can figure it out.

Friday, February 25

Welcome, 2011!

It has been brought to my attention by several well-meaning blog readers that I haven't posted since 2010. Here we go!

Fourth year medical students' rank lists were due this past Wednesday at 9pm. At the risk of letting everyone know that I didn't get my first choice come March 17, here's my first few ranks:
1. Michigan (Ann Arbor)
2. UNC (Chapel Hill)
3. Wisconsin (Madison)
4. UVA (Charlottesville)

Saturday Ten and Allegory and Cord-en-bleu and I went to Topnotch Spa & Resort in Stowe for a full Spa Day, complete with treatments and poolside drinks. I had never been to a spa before, and I was surprised by a number of the unreasonable rules, such as the prohibitions on stuffing handfuls of extra toiletries in one's bag and on peeing in the jacuzzi. The best part was that my masseuse had the same voice as Paula Poundstone.

Did anyone see Donald Rumsfeld on The Daily Show on Wednesday night? Through his lies and dissembling, he was almost... likable.

Wednesday was Ten's and my four-year anniversary. Four years! It feels like forty. Forty long, grueling years.

Would anyone like to buy a charming end unit in Vermont? I know of one for sale.

Good riddance, DOMA.

Thursday, December 23

Greetings from Louisiana! I am sitting in the living room with my parents drinking a ginger-flavored alcoholic beverage care of my mother whilst stealing their neighbors' wireless waves. There are two dogs with seven legs sleeping on the floor next to me.

This morning I went to see my dentist, a person I had not seen in almost exactly three years. To my great surprise, I had no cavities or gingivitis to speak of (?through), likely due to my new campaign of flossing during my daily morning shower. Ten doesn't like how I hang my used floss on the shower curtain rod, but I told her if that was her biggest problem with me, she was lucky. She said that wasn't her biggest problem with me.

Tonight I am going out to dinner with TBF. Can't wait.

In other news, I got contact lenses last week. It took me a good ten minutes to get them in the first time, and I cried profusely afterward. I asked my optometrist if new users usually had so much trouble getting them in, and he said, "usually just teenage boys."

I have almost all of my interviews done; only a preliminary year interview in Cooperstown, NY, and a neurology interview at UNC Chapel Hill remain.

Friday, November 19

Today was the end of my radiology elective. I am not proud to admit that I didn't crack a book the entire month, what with interviews and stuff, but I am happy to say that I scored in the 80s on my final exam with a 50% guess rate. Sometimes things just work out.

After my exam I picked up my interview suit at the dry cleaner's and went to my friendly local New Hampshire liquor store where I bought a bottle of Riesling. I am now status post 1 glass and feeling like I'm on vacation. My next elective starts in January. In between then and now I only have to deal with one thousand interviews.

One of my interview dates is so situated as to allow me to attend the MHC Vespers, about which I am thrilled.

I have an interview in Providence, RI on Monday and then a day to kill in Providence on Tuesday while I await the arrival of Ten and her mom. (Any blog readers in Providence?) The three of us are flying en masse to D.C. to celebrate Thanksgiving with my 'rents and 'bro and other family members.

In other news, for my birthday I received, among other gifts,:
- crossword puzzle pajamas from Gollywobbler
- a ticket to Aimee Mann (it was ah-maz-ing)
- Earth, by Jon Stewart
- an ipod speaker system for the wedding
- a roller suitcase for interviews
- the cutest card ever from my mom
- $27 from my brother
- pistachio brownies from Allegory

Wednesday, October 20

Sitting under my light box again.

My UVM interview is tomorrow. Tonight I'm driving to Burlington to have dinner with some of the residents. Friday Ten and I are going to Portland, ME, for the Northern New England Neurologic Society Meeting, which I've somehow convinced her to go to with me. It's Ten's birthday weekend. She's going to be thirty-two. Thirty-two!

Rocky and Chlo-Boat and I had a wonderful weekend. They arrived with a list of topics to talk about, and that's a wonderful feature in a weekend guest.

Friday, October 15

Rocky North and Chlo-Boat are coming this weekend! Our primary plan is to not eat fiddleheads.

I already have 12 residency interviews scheduled! I'm going to be flying like a bird this fall. My first one is Thursday at UVM. I have the best of accommodations in a sweet little B&B in Charlotte.

I am sitting in front of my natural light box right now.

Ten and I have become addicted to Six Feet Under.

Friday, September 24

Wednesday I flew to Philadelphia for my Step 2 Clinical Skills exam. I stayed in a Sheraton near the testing center, and I was given a Club Level room. This meant I had a computer in my room, free bottled water, and access to a lounge with free sodas and h'orderves. Pretty swanky. I made good use of the room, too, since I wasn't able to sleep secondary to nerves. The exam went fine, as did the CK section Monday, so now I'm officially done with Step 2. Yay!

Tomorrow is Shelburne Farms' Harvest Fest. It's also (hopefully) the day I submit my residency application.

Right now I'm watching Stephen Colbert testify before Congress live. Weird.

Thursday, August 26

Two more days! Yay!!!!

I bought a new airline ticket so that I can stay in Louisiana for two weeks instead of one. I can't wait to see my parents and my dogs. I also can't wait to see Number Ten tomorrow night. It feels like it's been months.

Saturday, August 21

Yesterday my mom informed me that if I didn't post to my blog I was going to be in trouble. This is a threat which she can actually carry out since I will be flying home in 1 week. So here I am. Hello.

I haven't updated because I haven't had anything particularly amusing or happy to write. (And I've been very busy.) Actually, I've been feeling some ambivalence about my chosen career path, and since it's rare for anyone in medicine to admit to weakness or error, it's an emotion I've been dealing with pretty much alone.

There are very few happy people in a hospital. It's pretty much by definition a place that people don't want to go to. You walk by people crying every day, so often that you hardly even notice them anymore. There's a breakdown of politeness which is precipitated, I imagine, by people being overworked and not seeing enough sunlight. People are rude to each other. You feel your personality changing. Your friends, without realizing it, try to show you up and you, without realizing it, return the favor. The image you had of healing and understanding and helping seems naive. Your day is frantic. Every minute you spend with a patient is a minute you're not using to climb the mountain of paperwork that's waiting for you. If your patients talk too slowly or are too anecdotal you resent it. And, if you're me (I), you feel inferior, self-centered, wrong, and stupid all day long.

I'm going to wrap up my day off by reading the Saturday paper and doing the crossword, so that's happy-making. I'll see Ten in 6 days and my parents in 7 days and TBF in 8 days, and that's very happy-making. And I'm alive and healthy and, as my dad says, it's not raining shit, so things are going okay all in all.

In other news, The Green Zone is skippable. David Boies vs Tony Perkins is more entertaining.

It is a bit embarrassing to have been concerned with the human problem all one's life and find at the end that one has no more to offer by way of advice than "try to be a little kinder." -Aldous Huxley, novelist (1894-1963) (His brother was a neurophysiologist.)

Friday, August 20

I'm marrying a statistician!

Grade Performance Summary:
On the cumulative final exam, administered August 10, Number Ten scored 102%.
Ten's grade component averages are 100% for homework assignments and 98% for tests for an overall average of 98.5% (A+).
Congratulations to Number Ten on a consistent and excellent performance throughout this course. Not only did she create her own success but she helped at least one other student achieve improvement with informed coaching.