Friday, December 29

Election Day

Last night Agent Yellow and I had a boringly normal Thursday night. I broke yet another dish, we ate an entire butternut squash, and then I dressed in all orange and we headed for The Home Depot. While at our favorite home improvement store, Agent Yellow spitefully suggested that we pick up a tube of natural-toned caulk for my plumber's crack.

Although on the outside it may look like I appreciate her humor, on the inside I'm plotting revenge.

It appears that all the entries are in! As Enough Fig Capone once said, "Vote early and vote once!"

1) a knockoff Louis Vuitton handbag, posted by Route52
2) my mom's Santa pot
3) a single bejeweled butterfly clip-on earring used as a stylish hair clip, posted by Agent Yellow


Anonymous said...

EFC, do you know that to me you resemble the philosopher (and writer) Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz? It's not because she liked to wear all orange under her habit, it's because she used to play ribald "write a poem" games with her friends. Not that you were planning on writing a ribald poem about Santa, at least, I hope not. I am sorry but I have to abstain from this vote. So I'll do what I do at all the other elections. I vote for Nader. Corinne

Anonymous said...

santa pot

crstn85 said...
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crstn85 said...


I recognize that shirt, and I wear mine doing construction work, with a bright orange tool apron from home depot!

Anonymous said...

I would have to go for Faith's LV bag. Just because I know her and I know that it is soo not her.