Sunday, December 31

Like A Well-Crafted Belly Button, The Results Are In

1) 1
2) 5
3) 2
Nader) 1

Mom, you can expect your poem posted early in the near year. What style would you prefer?


Anonymous said...

Since the field is a bit thin, Ima have to go with santa pot.

Anonymous said...


(Only because I'm totally jonesing for that Santa pot.)

Faith said...

I have to go with the santa pot, even though the LV bag BROKE while I was in NYC with Erica and Courtney. At the Bodies exhibit. I was like "wow, holy crap, LUNGS, but let me go fix my bag." Still, I have to emphasize that it was really a very sweet gift.

Anonymous said...

Can a relative of the lovely pot vote for it, or am I disqualified?

EnoughFigCookies said...

This is the United States of America, anonymous! Naturally, everyone may cast one vote. (Of course, since is the USA, it might be more realistic if you sit at home instead, watching One More Day At A Time To Live or some such daytime programming although you really did intend to go to the polls, you really did.)

Judy said...

Go Santa!!