Sunday, January 21

Bad Skin! Bad, Bad Skin! No Sunlight For You!

It's cold. It's really cold.

Too cold to do anything but stay inside and occasionally say, "It's cold. It's really cold." I've been wearing more layers than a Mexican dip and taking in a steady stream of hot tea, but the temperature keeps dropping like so much acid at a Grateful Dead concert.

My new goal is to make it through this winter with all of my toes. Ok, there I go trying to over-achieve. (Why, Mount Holyoke? Why? Why?) I'll aim for a healthy 90%.

Agent Yellow and I sure do like us some visitors. Yeller's ex-boyfriend is in town this weekend. We tried to take him downtown yesterday to show him the sights, but we could only stand the cold for ten minutes. Fortunately, that's all the time it takes to see downtown Burlington.


Melanie said...

26F in DC this morning. Snow finally on its way. Of course it waits until the day I have a 4 hour class to teach - half of which is usually outside...Hmm. Need to do something about that. Snowshoes maybe? Hey, mukluks definitely!!

Ms EFC, don't forget to do jumping jacks or something equally as heat-causing so you don't turn into an icicle!

And hey, 90% is good. Life runs about a leisurely 60% I think!

Faith said...

My grandparents gave me Lands End fleece pajamas for Christmas. They're like wearing a blanket around. They come highly recommended. They're even on sale on the Lands End website!

My driver's side lock froze up the other night. I had no lock de-icer. So what do I do? Haul out three extension cords... and my hair dryer. Who says women can't be engineers? And yeah... it's COLD. I can't wait for spring. Going outside is going to be so delicious.