Thursday, January 25

Even My Soul Is Cold

Last night two gals came over to join Agent Yellow and me in a game of Apples to Apples. Despite my bullying, whining, and cheating, I managed to come in fourth place. I've really been on a losing streak lately. The only thing I've won in recent memory is a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens.

And, as it turns out, Agent Yellow's mom had already signed us up for a subscription. So now we get two Better Homes and Gardens a month. That magazine's a little less interesting the second time through, let me tell you.

Speaking of uninteresting, my condolences to those of you who watched The State of the Union's Amess. I wish one of his staff would explain to Bush what a hypocrite is. (I mean, really, HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa? Are you serious?)

Also, New Orleans is still, like, not doing so hot. Has it left the Union? Did we miss something?

In other news, it's precisely zero degrees outside.


Faith said...

Didn't he do the whole AIDS thing like... four years ago? As I recall it was the only thing that has ever come out of his mouth that did not fill me with total disgust and loathing, and that's only if I didn't think about it for too long. Telling people "uh... don't have sex, mmkay y'all?" is not a solution to the AIDS crisis.

My grandparents sent me some money in the mail and I used it to redecorate my room with an orange theme. It has made me feel warmer. Maybe you could hang up your sweatpants, as a kind of talisman? Miss you.

Anonymous said...

It was extremely frustrating to me to watch the State of the Union address until I started paying attention to who snickered at what. If any of ya'll have Tivo, re-watch the part about reducing our dependence on gas, Dick Cheney literally starts snickering. Then for what looks like an unbearable amount of time he tries to quiet his own giggles, seeming to think to himself "don't laugh - don't laught - don't laugh." And then there is this one senator looking man who smirks a lot and refuses to stand up strategically. I guess that is the value of a senator, you can pass the Patriot Act, ignore New Orleans, etcetera as long as you don't stand up and clap at strategic intervals. The other thing that made it a bearable watch was to see what a big kick the Decider got when people clapped. It looked sort of like the same amazed smile kindergartners have when they've just presented "No Turkey for Perky." And I would know, because I've seen that play.

Cold, but not that cold,