Tuesday, January 30

No, No, No More Oat?

In only two days, Agent Yellow and I have watched the complete first and second seasons of The Office. It's completely unnecessary to do the math on that.

Speaking of math, Yeller did a rough count of the number of e-mails we've sent each other throughout our not quite six-month roommateship. (Okay, fine, landlord/tenant relationship. Happy now, Slumlord?) A little over 1100! How many of those have been of actual importance? About eight.

My recurring stomach aches have finally forced me to take drastic measures. I have a doctor's appointment for Thursday. Today I must go without oatmeal to determine if it be the culprit. Needless to say, this has put me in a very strange position in which I will be concurrently dreading and hoping for a a stomach ache all day.


Faith said...

wow, that is a LOT of email. Is The Office good? I've been searching for an Arrested Development replacement. Thanks for the birfday greetings! I miss/love you!

Anonymous said...

NOT THE OATS. Ack! I also hope you don't and do get a stomachache.

I'm glad you are going to the doctor, and I hope they can get to the root of the problem. In what is probably way too much information, I was pleasantly surprised to learn at age X6 that I was *surprise* lactose intolerant. Finding this out magically cured me of a million stomach ailments and solved the mystery of how one summer I lost over 20 pounds the bad way.

I'm just going to stop now. I know you like comments and talking about gastrointestinal issues, but I bet you have a limit and I bet I've passed it. I'll just remain nameless and beg you not to deduce who I am based on the fact that I am not Faith, I'm clearly not Agent Yellow (indestructible paragon of philosophy and stomach I'm sure) and I'm definitely not your momma.

Anonymous said...

How is your stomach?

Anonymous said...

There once was a cookie named fig,
who, "enough"ed, was reduced to a sprig, with an ache wont for cure and the reason obscure, some blog readers did not feel so big.

EnoughFigCookies said...

Unfortunately, my day without oats left me without an s-ache, fortunately.