Thursday, January 4

What Time Is It? Sweet!

This morning I did something I have perhaps never done: I overslept.

Far from upsetting me, my one and a half extra hours of sleep got me totally stoked. This is overwhelming proof that I am morphing into a new and improved, mildly laidback self. My drowsiness was caused by a late night game of Apples to Apples in which Agent Yellow and I and our two house guests, One Trick Pony '05 and Court-Be-Bort '06, engaged last night. I didn't win, which I guess means that everyone else cheated.

Despite oversleeping, I still made it to the auto shop in time to get T-Babe four new snow tires. I'm starting to believe that this was a foolish move considering global warming, but I can deny T-Babe nothing. I even got him an oil change and a trunk massage.

Right now the Agent, the Pony, and the Be-Bort are hanging out downtown while I'm at work. This makes me uneasy. Are they talking about me? Spilling my secrets to each other? Making fun of my obnoxiously loud laugh?

Or, worse, are they not thinking about me at all?


Anonymous said...

Of course they are thinking about you! And your laugh may be a little obnoxious but it is also contagious and those are the best kind.
Always thinking of you, Hallie

Anonymous said...

Your laugh is not obnoxiously loud. If you and Dan were to have a laugh-baby, it would be like the laugh to end all laughs. It would be like laughpocalypse.