Wednesday, February 14

Awwww, snap.

There has been some serious baking going on up in this piece! Yeller and I have baked eight batches of cookies in two days. The other night we created the world's largest ginger snap.

Today Yeller and I had been planning to drown our February 14 woes in ice cream-for-dinner and a folk concert, but it looks like our plans will have to change. A big storm is coming, and I'm not just talking about my mother.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Dear Enough Big Cookies and Baking Agent Yellow,

I'm glad you all are going for the world's biggest gingersnap because I read an article about the 20 something year old in England who hold's the world record for number of brussell sprouts eaten in one minute. I was worried that EFC would fall in with that crowd, but I see that A.Y. has been a good influence. Thank you, A.Y., thank you.


Faith said...

That is an awesome and tasty looking gingersnap. Good luck with the snowstorm! Apparently it's snowing EVERYWHERE right now. Dan's afternoon classes were canceled; mine was not. Those Long Islanders are a bunch of pansies. OMG I WILL SEE YOU IN ONE MONTH YAY!!!!!!

Melanie said...


Love that ginger snap and have a suggestion: make two, then slather a serious layer of ice cream between them while they are still warm and voila! You have your ice cream dinner! (grins)

DC had ~2 inches of ice, 25 MPH winds with gusts of 40, and it made the ice falling off the roof sound like steam trains! Or, now that I think about it, similar weather while sitting under the impressive slate roof in Skinner!
Yeah, and our road is still doing a professional version of a slip-n-slide. But colder. NO bathingsuits there!

Looking forward to our trip your way in about a month!

Hope you are warm and are having a good time snowshoeing in the white stuff!

~ Melanie