Sunday, February 4

Can You Rub My Calves?

Yesterday, Agent Yellow and I drove to Cabot, Vermont to visit our friend's dairy farm. We were hoping to milk, but having gone out dancing the night before, we arrived a touch late for that.

Instead, we took a tour of the holding pens and parlor and then set to work shoveling pounds and pounds of cow manure. We defecately enjoyed ourselves. I unexpectedly liked the cows, particularly the ones who resembled Agent Yellow. (Probably about two-thirds of the herd.)

Following shot shiveling, we took our new snow shoes out for a spin. What a workout! The heavy dancing and the snowshoeing have left my legs nigh inoperable, forcing me to drag myself around the apartment like a mermaid. Not that I don't do that sometimes anyway, just for attention.


Anonymous said...


Faith said...

haha, the image of you dragging yourself around your apartment on your forearms is very amusing.

I realize that making this segue makes me a horrible person and I definitely deserve to go to hell, but Mark Zupan, the guy from Murderball, is coming to UB this month...

EnoughFigCookies said...


He's a family friend of Agent Yellow's.

Faith said...

Jesus. Please don't tell her about my horrible segue. I don't want AY, for whom I already have great admiration, to hate me before I even meet her. Of course since she reads the blog there's probably nothing I can do except fall on my knees in supplication.

Anonymous said...

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