Saturday, February 17

So Sorry! Don't Speak Canadian!

O boy, my mom is in town! She brought Agent Yellow and me a King Cake in her carry-on, which was a wise move since her luggage arrived 24 hours later than she did. Yeller and I ripped into the cake late last night, and guess who got the baby? Now the Agent will have good luck for a year. She seemed excited about this, remarking that a year of exceptional luck would almost make up for the past six months.

This morning my mom and I left early for Montreal. It's about an hour and a half drive from Burlington. (A bit more if you bother to acknowledge the speed limit in kilometers per hour.) We made a pit stop at Ikea, where we realized too late that shoppers are supposed to travel through the store in a certain direction. (Suddenly the glares made much more sense. Also the arrows on the floor.) Anyway, the Ikea visit was important because I am gradually starting to replace all of Yeller's things that I've broken in the last six months.

Those things that weren't inherited, one-of-a-kind, or kind of pricey, I mean.

After shopping, Mom and I went to St. Catherine's Street and ate some brie. Then we shopped for three hours, bought not a single thing, and left the city when it started getting dark. It was a great day.

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F. said...

wow. ikea seems like kind of a fascist store. still - they are going to start charging for plastic bags to help save the environment, which is pretty cool. my local grocery store lets you recycle them, but so far i've been too lazy/forgetful to bring mine in, so there are like a thousand plastic grocery bags in the trunk of my car.