Tuesday, March 6

Et Tu, Roomie?

I have today off of work. Let's hear it for Town Meeting Day! I decided to get a jump on the morning, so I requested that Agent Yellow wake me up at my usual time. She did so by drumming a (surprisingly rhythmic) beat upon my distension. Then we pretended to fake stab each other for close to five minutes, making grotesque faces and Caesar-like utterances. After we had calmed down, Yeller made cappuccinos and we shared a banana.

I love my life.

So, I've asked it before, but I would really like to know: Do any of my beloved blog readers have a signature sandwich? Number Ten has agreed to try my sandwich tonight. I plan to serve it with an extra layer of Bacillus anthracis.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I enjoy a toasted cheese sandwich with mustard. I also like ants on a sandwich which involves peanut butter, raisins, celery and wheat bread. What is your "special" sandwich?

Judy said...

When I was in first grade the only sandwich I would take for lunch was yellow mustard, mayonnaise and sliced dill pickles on white bread!!

I've grow-up a bit since then and now have evolved to using whole wheat instead!!

IS it REALLY that cold up there? The reports have it at 32 below with the wind chill!!

Anonymous said...

I thought my mom invented "my" sandwich: peanut butter and honey on wheat with bananas. drippy, healthy, fill-fulling, etc. Then, I grew up and went to college and learned that said sandwich wasn't just for me, it was for everybody. And now, instead of calling it "my" sandwich I just call it a "honey monkey." I think it sort of shows I'm part of a global community.