Thursday, March 22

It's Better to Be the Bearer of Bad News Than the Barer of Bad News. Wait... What?

Today I received a packet of new student information from DMS. Included in the packet was the date by which and the amount for which DMS would like a check.

Three Labatt Nordics later, I still have not made peace with this news. I do have to pee, though.

In worse news, Number Ten invited me to see the documentary Black Gold on Saturday. An excerpt from the movie blurb reads, "The film connects the dots of our global economy, putting a human face on a systemic problem largely hidden from the caffeinated consumer." In other words, Saturday morning I will enjoy my final guilt-free cup of coffee.

Thanks, Number Ten. No, really, thanks, Ten. What was wrong with The Quaker Oatmeal Man: Breakfast Prodigy or Godless Pedophile?, Brussels Sprouts: Little Green Carcinogens, or I Pretended to Like Your Sandwich So You Would Shut The Good God D@%& Up About It? Already seen them all? Inconvenient showtimes? Couldn't get tickets?

In the worst news of all, Agent Yellow is sic [sic]. I know this because I can intuit exactly how she's feeling at any given moment in time. Also because she went to bed before I did tonight. Also because she told me she is sick.

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Anonymous said...

whoa, then my emailed news story about how coffee is good for you came at the right time!! You can always buy fair trade coffee if the guilt becomes overwhelming. That's what Raos was, right? Raos was pretty good. You could always have it shipped from Amherst to Hanover. That shouldn't cost like a million skillion dollars or anything... you could always take out a "coffee loan" on top of your med school loans. What's another ten grand or so?

By the way, it's beautiful and sunny outside in Buffalo right now. I can see THE SKY and THE GRASS. I have e.e. cummings's poem "I thank you god for this most amazing day" running through my head. Seriously, the sight of colors other than gray in my landscape has never made me more deliriously happy.