Friday, March 2

Back In The Kitchen, Where I Belong

Our bathroom sink has decided to take a sabbatical from draining. While we wait for its return, Yeller has taken to brushing her teeth into the tub, whereas I've opted for the kitchen sink. I've found that the change of scenery has completely revitalized my dental hygienation. For instance, now while brushing I can put away dishes, wipe down the stove, and have a little snack.

Tonight, weather permitting, Yeller and I will attend Womyn's Night. There we will, as usual, move others to tears with our ingenious interpretive dancing, fiery intensity, and accidental elbows to their noses.

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Faith said...

If they invented a snack that you could eat while brushing your teeth, Americans would buy it. Or edible, chocolate flavored toothpaste. Well, I guess mint chocolate. Peppermint Pattie flavored toothpaste. Yuck.