Saturday, March 24


Black Gold was good and worth a watch-through. I will recommit myself to drinking fair trade joe and trying to avoid Starbucks. (Also clowns, but that's because of a different movie.) I managed to talk myself out of asking our row mates where the nearest Dunkin' Donuts was. You're welcome for that, Ten.

Tonight Agent Yellow and I made the most delicious and delightfully colored pasta dish. And, since Yeller cooks for twelve and there are two of us, we will continue to enjoy this dish for many days.

Tomorrow I will have my sophomore experience with ice skating. I can't say I'm totally looking forward to adding one more item to the list of Things At Which Agent Yellow Is Way Better Than I. For the bruised hip bones, on the other hand, I can't wait.


Faith said...

Dan and I had bought two of those 20 oz bottles of coke before we went in to see Supersize Me, and I can never finish those damn things because I can really only drink about 10 oz of anything without getting really bored with it. Leaving the theater, I had forgotten about my drink. The guys sitting next to us said "Hey, you forgot your coke..." and I was like, "awesome, thanks. Now I feel like a tool." So, good on you for quashing that impulse, though I have to admit it would have been truly hilarious.

Judy said...

How about Green Mountain Coffee?? Or New Mexico Pinon Coffee?? Gotta get my fix somehow!!