Monday, March 26

This Long Entry Contains Very Little Of Substance

Last night Yeller and I went to Number Ten's house for dinner. They had a little lamb and, since Ten is such a neat freak, polished off a bottle of wine. I, in turn, sampled delicious seitan for the first time. I'm stoked about having another faux meat item to add to my regrettably predictable and monochrome repertoire of refection.

And now my blog entries have deteriorated into what-I-had-for-dinner-last-night. I'm sorry, beloved blog readers.

Yeller left this morning at 5:45 for her Boot Camp Fitness Course. Wow! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning for five weeks, Yeller will be sweating, getting buff, and becoming, as it were, a lean, mean Yellow machine.

Of course I'm not happy about this, as I only stand to look even weaker by comparison. Also, I fear that my wimpiness is making me ill-tempered. For instance, yesterday morning Yeller poked me gently near my sternum to make an even gentler point, and I actually yipped in pain and yelled at her! Yelled at my Yeller!

Anyway, since Yeller is being such an obnoxious overachiever, I feel like I, too, should be more productive on these workday mornings. I lay in bed for an extra thirty this morning, sipping my fair trade coffee, stretching each toe in turn, and giving it some thought.

So far, I've decided to a) wash my oatmeal bowl before leaving for work, b) spend some extra time flossing those hard-to-reach back teeth, and c) stop updating my blog in the morning and try to get some actual housework done. Oh, shoot! Bye now!


Anonymous said...

Dear EFC, I wonder if I speak for other blog readers when I say tell us all about your dinners. Because really, when friends are far away, well, finding out whether or not you had a vegetable with dinner is a way of staying close. My lunch: The Orchards from Tailgate. And if a pickle counts as a vegetable, well, a vegetable was had.

Very Interesting Corinnne (The Notorious V-I-C)

Anonymous said...

How have you survived vegetarianism so long with out seitan? Yum. (Also, if you follow the whole "i before e except after c or when sounding like a as in neighbor and weigh" rule, it can be pronounced satan, which is kind of fun.)


Anonymous said...

If we indeed are what we eat, over-consumption of faux foods could leave you feeling less than yourself.