Monday, April 9

Get Your No Good Easter Off My Property

From the happy updates I received throughout yesterday, it sounds as though everyone had a lovely Easter! My parents were out enjoying an early Easter Parade in the French Quarter, Number Ten was strolling on the beach on the Cape with her mother, One Trick Pony was engaged in an Easter Keg Hunt in sunny California. Jesus was doing whatever one does upon returning to life, probably showering and ordering floating Heely's.

Meanwhile, Yeller and I had perhaps the most lackluster Easter on record. After some half-hearted egg-dyeing, we lit a candle, leaned up against the kitchen counter, and ate hummus and Wheat Thins, munching in time to a sad aria that played in the background. Our depressive silence was interrupted only by our occasional laughter at the sad, sad state of our affairs. We tried to save the meal with some Easter candy, but then we remembered that someone else had eaten it all.

And, Mom, the basket you sent still hasn't arrived. Can you believe it?

Speaking of things maternal, yesterday I learned that my mother chose to comment on One Trick Pony's blog and not mine. She has, in fact, never commented on my blog, despite the fact that I have been keeping it for ten months. Yet One Trick Pony, she of Scant and Spasmodic Posting, garners my mother's attention? Oh, the agony. Oh, the betrayal. Oh, the cruelty. Oh, the disappointment. Oh, the evilness. Oh, the... okay, I'll stop.

I bet OTP received an Easter basket from my mother. Admit it, Horsey.


Faith said...

it's ok, my Easter sucked too.

Anonymous said...

this is your mother. stop whining. kidding! it is actually the Easter Bunny.

Faith said...

hey, my blog has an anonymous now too. I wonder if it is the same anonymous? Or if it's potentially you?