Friday, April 20

I'm Puzzled

It's snowing in mid-April and I've been busy at work. Am I on Candid Camera? Soon the mean post office lady will put a candy dish out on her counter!

Anyway, some postings back, I mentioned that I was in the market for a new vice. Readers, I was being a five-letter-word-for-silly-that-begins-with-"i" to actually go out hunting for a bad habit. To be sure, my new vice found me. It's crossword puzzles.

I haven't finished a book in a month. In fact, I haven' t even picked up a book except to stick it behind a crossword puzzle. Nor have I been following current events, except for those stories that involve individuals with short, heavily voweled names. Alberto Gonzales? Is he in the news these days? Was I dreaming, or did somebody say something about the Supreme Court stripping women and doctors of their natural and civil rights?

Likewise, Number Ten and I barely speak anymore. We greet each other, I offer her absent-minded pleasantries while eyeing the newspaper on her table, and then she sighs and hands me a pencil. Sometimes she'll attempt to engage me in a conversation about her family, goings-on at her workplace, or some recent item of community news. I pretend to listen, but all the while I'm thinking about a four-letter word for a church recess, a five letter word for a hasty marriage, or a four-letter poetic name for Ireland.


Melanie said...

I believe you are looking for a "nave" (not a 'knave', though I've known a few), "elope" (not 'envelope'), and "Eire" (not 'eerie' like when you have to go looking for a vice, and I don't mean ___-grips!)

And may you not have a cross word with anyone about this...word that sounds like a feminine product brand mated with a kind of meeting...of yours!

~ Melanie

Anonymous said...

Me! I'm a four letter poetic name for Ireland!

Your long-lost friend,
Erin :)