Thursday, April 5

Mouse In The House

Yesterday, Agent Yellow brought me most glad tidings. She's tracked down adult Heely's! Oh, Praise Be to Yeller! Saturday we will venture to the shoe store to pick me up my very own pair. (I will, of course, have to buy men's which means I'm limited to a color combination of red, black, and white. No matter.)

Needless to say, I am counting down the wheel-less minutes. Do you realize what these shoes will mean for me? They will change me! They will revitalize my work life! ("Let me just wheel that urine sample over to the fridge for you, partner.") My home life! ("Hey, Yeller, race you to the back room! What, no wheels on your shoes?") My romantic life! ("I know I'm always at the skate park these days, but I promise, I wheely care about you.").

In other news, Yeller's mom sent her an Easter basket last week, full of chocolate eggs and Peepy goodness. (Still waiting on mine, Mom!) Unfortunately, a mouse has been ransacking Yeller's basket in the night. I have to admit that it's a polite mouse: It only eats one chocolate egg at a time and then it deposits the foil wrapping on top of the wastebasket. (I'm not kidding.)

I should say, it was a polite mouse. I've learned that mouse manners don't matter to Yeller. She set up a trap in her basket, and the rest is his-gory.


melanie said...


Hadn't heard a peep from you for a while. Most will agree that resolving this dearth of posts required some hopping to it! It was most egg-cellent to find one here today, so thank you! And chickie, though we're not basket cases without them, days without your commentary & adventures don't mean (jelly) beans!

Now before you say "you can take your angst about lack of posts out to the street or chalk-lot", I'd like to say that we, your loyal blog readers, check in to sweeten our days here. When we look and life has kept you away, know that we all think "Rats! Foiled again!"

Oh! And before I forget, happy Easter!

~ Melanie

Judy said...

Hey Peep!
When we were visiting Vt., we met a Native American women named Beverly Little Thunder who told us a great Easter story. I guess one Easter morning she got up, looked out her front window and saw that she had been "Peeped". In the middle of the night someone came by and put thousands of all different colored "Peeps" in her yard. Pretty amazing feat if you ask me. By the way, there is a well known artist here in DC whose medium is "Peeps". He does some amazing things with those little guys! Their not just for breakfast anymore!!
Happy Easter!

Faith said...

ooh! Adult heelys! Just be careful if you take them out in public: the Newburgh Mall recently banned children from wearing them. (Only within the mall, of course; they have limited jurisdiction). I'm not sure if they would let you get away with it, technically being an "adult," but don't push your luck with those mall security guards.

Anonymous said...

If there was a word "amithmetce," and kids had a hard time spelling it, then they could just remember "a mouse in the house might eat the chocolate egg."

Anonymous said...

Your blogg readers are just as funny as you are! What good friends you have.

Faith said...

omg I am like salivating in anticipation of the (hopefully) forthcoming Heelys story.

happy day of the resurrection of our lord and savior! It doesn't really feel like easter because i'm not at home, it's snowing, and there are no chocolate bunnies in my apartment. my parents sent an easter basket but it did not arrive on time because of a grievous error on the part of UPS. dammit.