Thursday, April 26

Pity Palace

Yesterday was Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day, and no one in my office remembered. Needless to say, I've been having a field day with that, mentioning it to all of my co-workers, doing a little redecorating, etc.


Faith said...

aw, I appreciate your administrative professionalism!!!!! Maybe seeing you walk around with little plastic cups of other people's urine has... influenced their perception of you. At any rate, you'll soon be able to order *other* people to carry around little cups of urine, so don't sweat it.

Anonymous said...

Dear EFC,

I think it might be a cultural misunderstanding. I suspect the way they honor administrative professionals at Vermont non-profits is to not leave the admin alone in harm's way when roaming lunatics are expected (Just for that one day, I mean.)

And Faith brings up a good point about your future - I hope that your future administrative assistant gets loads of flowers/ tea or whatever she likes on Administrative Professional's Day. And when I say I hope, I really mean that I hope, because in my experience, doctor's office admins are the MEANEST, and I bet it's because they don't get flowers or thank you's, just mostly urine. I bet you'll be a great boss.


Faith said...

Ha, EFC probably will be too kind and embarrassed to ask her administrative professional to carry urine.

If every administrative professional in America went on strike on the same day, our entire economy would grind to a shrieking halt and nuclear war would probably erupt. I'm pretty sure that a good 60% of companies/organizations are held together by the thread of one single competent person. Snip that thread, and chaos ensues. That reminds me, I really should get something for the admin. proffs. in the English department considering they're the only ones who know what's going on most of the time...