Friday, May 25

The Best Laid Plans of Nice Women

Yesterday Number Ten sent me a copy of my social calendar for the next two months. (Yes, I'm dating another Planner. Is this really going to work out?) Anyway, have a look:

May 25-26: South Hadley, Massachusetts (with Ten)
June 2-4: Boston, Massachusetts (to see Peruvian Hey Man)
June 9-11: Brunswick, Maine (to see Cousin Sarah)
July 1-7: Louisiana (Mom and Dad)
July 13-15: New York state with Ten (Ten's family)
late July: Seattle and Portland? (to see Godfather Peter, perhaps Court-Be-Bort)
August 6: DMS Orientation begins

Also, starting June 15 I'll be living in my new place in Norwich. I'll also be starting a new chapter in my life: The Carbon Footprint from Hell.


crstn85 said...

I've been feeling wicked guilty about driving to and from Boston nearly daily. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one trying to be environmentally concious while travelling tons.

Anonymous said...

Louisiana: mom, dad, and hallie