Saturday, May 5

Hi, I'm EFC, FirstLouisiana ThenCollegeMassachusetts NowNon-ProfitVermont. You?

Nothing on this planet can make me feel as "peopled out" as a medical school admissions event. All the smiling, all the names, all the thirty-second life histories, all the awkward silences. All the ginger ale. Nevertheless, I'm really glad I went to the Admitted Students' Weekend. My future classmates seem great and the current students seem laid back and happy.

Most of the events were lectures and Powerpoint presentations, with the exception of one hopping party at which I was decidedly not hopping. (I'd venture to say that I will never be comfortable dancing to Timbaland in a room full of strangers.)

In other news, I haven't showered in 36 hours, a record I haven't met since summer camp in the early 90's.

In other news, I evidently came by my compulsive planning honestly. My mother is already requesting information from retirements homes. She is 49.

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Faith said...

haha, your mom is adorable. I'm glad the weekend went well (: