Thursday, May 24

All This Marching!

On Monday night, Cara ('04), Number Ten, and I met up for a Thai dinner in Montpelier. Afterward, when we were aimlessly strolling around the bustling capitol city, a few demonstrators asked us to join them in a Take Back the Night march. "Well, why not?" replied Cara, and we soon found ourselves gathering outside City Hall with a handful of other protesters, including The Raging Grannies.

We wound up actually leading the march, walking directly posterior to the cop car. (I wonder if Montpelier has more than one cop car?) I'm not a terrific protester, so the most I could do was throw together a few claps and a little skip every once in a while. My fellow agitators seemed equally uncomfortable, particularly when the camera crews (by which I mean a single cameraman) showed up. I guess we just can't rouse the rabble like we used to.

Speaking of marching, this Friday, Number Ten and I are headed down to South Hadley, Massachusetts. Saturday morning is my alma mater's annual Laurel Parade. I think this event will be a good way to introduce Ten to Mount Holyoke. It's not excessive dorm room drinking, it's not spending 44 hours of the weekend in the library wearing the same clothes, it's not swearing at the cold while lingering far too long over dinner at the student center... it's octogenarians clad all in white, smiling and singing a suffragette song. Boy, am I going to trick her!


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