Monday, May 28

So... Much... Driving...

Laurel Parade was a hoot, but it made me realize how much I miss all of the 'Yokers I no longer see on a regular basis. It all felt eerily like it did one year ago. The only new thing was having to convince Number Ten that she didn't need to take a picture of every type of tree on campus.

The next day Number Ten and I drove to Bran Muffin's graduation party out in Cabot, Vermont. We arrived a few hours late, after I had finished getting the time wrong and pulling up at the wrong house. While there, I accidentally ate a piece of pepperoni in the pasta salad that Cara ('05) had assured me was vegetarian. "What is this familiar, yet troublesome, taste?" I asked myself. "Why this sudden deluge of memories of second grade pizza parties?" The Listerine toothpaste could not make its appearance soon enough.

All these road trips! The next time I'm behind the wheel, it better be a wheel of Cabot sharp cheddar cheese. Oh well, at least gas is cheap right now.

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