Monday, May 14

Word of the Day: Craugh

Craugh (intransitive verb): To laugh and cry at the same time.

So, today I went down to the Upper Valley (that sounds funny) to see about getting me some housing. I looked at apartment after apartment, but none really compared to the first one I had seen. It's a cute efficiency in Norwich, Vermont, about three miles from campus. It's within walking distance of the town pool (a dammed up stream) and the country store, and it's on a two-mile running loop.

After coming to my decision, I went to my future landlord's house to drop off my deposit. Then I left.

And backed over his mailbox.

The terrific noise, his mail scattered all over the street, the gaping hole in his front yard, the passersby staring at me with curiosity... Something told me it was time to craugh.

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