Friday, June 8

Oh, Racquetsports.

Last night Number Ten hosted a barbecue/badminton event at her house. It was quite fun. One of the badminton players remained undefeated on Ten's home court. And it wasn't Number Ten. Can you guess who it was?

I bet Number Ten thinks it's silly for a person to get so competitive over a friendly game of badminton. She'd be one to insinuate that another player slamming the birdie into her guests' faces didn't match the mood of the evening. She'd probably call a person foolish for diving, or for cheating a little bit when one got behind. But you know what I think, Ten? I think it's silly to lose on your own home court!

I'm leaving work at 2 today and heading to Brunswick, Maine, to visit my cousin S-Land at her undergraduate institution. (Which is, coincidentally, also Number Ten's undergraduate institution.) S-Land and I had intended to go camping, but rain is forecast for the entire weekend. So we may be pitching a tent in her dorm room.

My mom is enjoying the outdoors in Wyoming with some of her girlfriends. Yesterday on VPR I heard that Wyoming produces more greenhouse gases in 8 hours than Vermont does in one year. Can someone explain this to me?


Faith said...

Because Wyoming is populated entirely by cows, who fart a lot.

At least you didn't bean ten's guests in the trachea with a frisbee (; (just kidding, ten.)

cd said...

Unfortunately, yes: Vermont Yankee provides a huge chunk of VT power, and in calculations like that the fossil fuels required to mine uranium aren't included. Of course we could also get on our high horses about nuclear waste, but I'll stop here.

EnoughFigCookies said...

Thank you, CD.

EnoughFigCookies said...

Oh, and Faith, I like your explanation too.

How is the ole' trachea healing up?