Friday, June 22

Taking a Trip, Sitting on Houses

This evening Ten and I will take the Lake Champlain ferry over to New York state to stay at her family's house in the Adirondacks. I'm stoked. It will be a weekend of reading, hiking, and swimming, should I work up the courage to submerge my person in the icy cold water. (Ain't no way.) Ten also told me that we might see some alpacas, but she's pretty much saying that all the time these days.

Sunday afternoon I will begin house sitting at yet another house, this time in Richmond, VT. All of this house sitting is letting me see cool areas of Chittenden County that I would never have seen otherwise. And it's always interesting to see how other people live.

But I do miss the comfort of my own bed. At the end of June I will have spent a total of two nights tops in my Norwich apartment during the month. As I told Ten, it's like the most expensive storage unit ever.

Although this next house has a trampoline! On that note:

If I ever opened a trampoline store, I don't think I'd call it Trampo-Land, because you might think it was a store for tramps, which is not the impression we are trying to convey with our store. On the other hand, we would not prohibit tramps from browsing, or testing the trampolines, unless a tramp's gyrations seemed to be getting out of control.
- Jack Handey

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