Saturday, June 16

You For Ick

Aside from the fact that my new apartment doesn't have the Internet or cell phone reception, I love it. I have spent the last couple of days getting settled and breaking the bank on all of those little things that you don't know you're going to need 'til you move in: cling wrap, a salt and pepper shaker, a plunger.

For the next week I'll be cat sitting at my supervisor's house near Burlington, which will eliminate the 1.5 hour commute from Norwich. Tonight I'm going to dinner with Ten and her best friend and her best friend's mom. Meeting The Best Friend isn't giving me quite the same sweats that Meeting The Parents did. But I've recently switched deodorants, so who knows.

Things are going so well that it almost feels... creepy. My new place is great, I'm seeing my parents in two weeks, my best friend in six, Number Ten is the kindest, cutest, wisest girlfriend ever, and I'm excited about school and the future. Instead of feeling like something earthshattering is going to happen, it's time to enjoy this.


Judy said...

You're in a great place for the summer! That area has lots to do and some great swimming holes on the river. Go climb Mt Ascutney one day, then soak your tired feet in the nice cool water! Enjoy your summer and your wonderful girlfriend! I'll be doing my "Driving Miss Daisy" tour in August, and will be visiting family in Hartland and Lebanon. Maybe I'll see you then.

crstn85 said...

I've made a really long list of those new apartment essentials. Salt and pepper shakers didn't make it on there though. I have a feeling the entire month of August is going to be spent running out for one last thing.

How was the UHaul?

Anonymous said...

SOOOO happy for you!