Wednesday, July 4

If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Out and Start B!#%&in'!

A couple of days ago I was bragging to Ten about how good the Louisiana heat felt, how I hadn't felt overwhelmed by it yet, etc. Ha! Yesterday afternoon my parents, my dog, and I took a one-hour walk on the lake front, and now, Ten, I take it alllllllllll back. My clothes were drenched in sweat, my neck got sunburned, and my tongue was hanging out of my mouth not unlike another one in our group. (My dad.) I can't take the heat like I used to.

So, happy Independence Day. Thank God we are no longer under the cruel, tyrannical reign of out-of-touch King George.

Anyway, My dad and I are going kayaking this morning and then a little bit later we're busting out the grillables. My other plans include finally finishing Buddenbrooks, continuing my Crest Whitening regiment, and watching that movie about penguins that I haven't seen yet. I reread my post from last Fourth of July. It's so strange to think of all that's passed in this year.


Melanie said...

Happy Fourth, my friend!
(And keep turning those studs away. Oops! I mean those earring studs. *ahem*)

Anonymous said...

OH, I missed that part. I just assumed you pierced your nose, Mollie. For extra oxygen studying or something like that.

Happy Louisiana and Happy B-Day to Mrs. EFC!

-Corinne Who Can Comment From The Library, Just Not Home