Sunday, December 16

Christmas Is Coming, My Hand Is Getting Tired

I'm on vacation. Ahhh. This morning I celebrated by waking up, making a pot of coffee, and promptly beating Number Ten at Scrabble. Thank God!

We are getting about two feet of snow here today. I got to go snowshoeing for the first time this season. Now I am doing eight loads of laundry and responding to e-mail that has been in my inbox since September. In a little while I will help Ten address her holiday card envelopes. I don't know how I let her talk me into this; I suppose I was feeling a little sorry for her after her devastating loss this morning. Mark my words that this is the only Christmas season in which I will participate in such an activity.

I am heading to Louisiana on Wednesday morning. But, since I have a thirty-minute layover in D.C. and God-awful, terrible, bad luck with air travel, it'll probably be more like Thursday morning. All that time in the airport will give me a chance to craft an action plan called Operation Don't Let Medical School Make You Miserable, which I plan to put into effect after the new year.

Resolutions, anyone?


Faith said...

I looked up what my resolutions were last year, which was depressing. They were:

-Learn how to better manage my time and break out of my bad patterns of internet usage. [Nope, still using the internet as a poor coping mechanism for anxiety! At least I know that's why I'm doing it, though]
-Attend a conference and write a publishable paper. [HAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahaha.... hahahaha.... ha. Yeah.]
-Integrate more physical activity into my daily life. (No, you will never read a wordier phrasing of "exercise.") [Actually, I kind of did this one. I love yogalates!]
-Keep in better contact with my friends. [I sent out Christmas Cards! I don't know if that counts.]
-Learn how to make eggplant parmigiana. [nope... but I did learn how to make moussaka]

This year they are:
1. Live a healthy lifestyle
2. Cultivate creativity
3. Get shit-tons of therapy

EnoughFigCookies said...

Oh, Faith. You're lovely.

crstn85 said...

Number one (and so far only) resolution: be more social. This could include ever leaving my home on the weekends or leaving school to have the hour long conversations with co-workers that inevitably occur in someones classrooms. Really, you'd think we lived at school.