Sunday, December 23

I Curled, I Spritzed, I Chignoned - Julius Scissor

My brother arrives tonight, the first time all of the Fig Cookies have been together since last Christmas. TBF arrives at two in the morning Christmas Day. Hairdressers have it rough: it seems like TBF gets about five days off the entire year.

Three of those days off are going to be at New Year's when she's coming up to Burlington to visit! Ten and I are going to trick her into believing that Vermonters do hair cuts outside, even in the winter. Although, now that I think about it, having a shivering hairdresser might not yield the finest results. Also, President of the Safety Committee Number Ten might throw up a stink about the co-utilization of snowshoes and scissors.

This year, I will have seen TBF an unprecedented three times. Of course, two of those times will fall within the same week, albeit in different states. It would be much better for my grooming if we spread these visits out evenly throughout the year.

This morning I am going to breakfast with my parents. Then, I expect, I will sit down and read all day, as I've done the last two days.


Melanie said...

Oh, Gawd, EFC! What a wonderfully horrid pun-title! I actually groaned!

Merry, merry, and happy, happy! 'F'I get further "nawth" this winter, I'll give you a yell, too. Who knows when we three might meet again, in wind, winter weather or restaurant!

Faith said...

Dan's sister gave me The Tennis Partner for Christmas! I opened it and said "Oh my God! I really wanted to read this!" Then she reminded me that it had been on my amazon wish list and so it was not quite so miraculous as I had thought. Still, I am very happy! Enjoy your reading! Merry Christmas, I miss you a ridonkulous amount, love you!