Saturday, January 26

Peas and Dates

Last night I got drinks at the Norwich Inn with some medical school classmate-friends. Conversation topics included: ice car racing, good-looking professors, and the world's oldest vegetable. (The pea! Who knew?)

Recently Ten gave me a calendar of the early months of our relationship. Some of the entries are as follows:
11/1/06: Basketball league meeting at Burlington Parks and Rec; EFC and Ten sit near one another unknowingly.
2/4/07: Superbowl Party; EFC drops plate of food at Ten's feet.
2/10/07: EFC and Ten snowshoe at Shelburne Farms and hold a newborn lamb; conversation includes EFC's foot size, urine collecting duties, and Ausable Chasm.
2/22/07 Ten finally discloses her safety committee status; Ten and EFC discover their love of lists.
2/23/07 Dinner at Black Sheep; conversation includes population control and dogs; Ten awkwardly asks EFC to come in for tea afterward; Tea is awkward; Ten is thinking, "She's not my type."
2/26/07 Ten becomes really aware of EFC's dental hygiene fixation when EFC suggests floss in first aid kids.
3/13/07 Side by side word gaming begins.
3/18/07 EFC makes acrostic poem for 10; 10 artfully dances around EFC's marriage proposal.
4/15/07 Ten goes to church with EFC for the first time; sermon is by visiting Icelandic minister who speaks of Passion and Reason.

Ten's visiting her parents at an inn in southern Vermont. I've finished my book. I've updated my blog. I guess now all that's left for me to do is study. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Okay, this is technical, but my dad wouldn't allow it to slide: Peas are not vegetables. The pea plant is a legume, and the peas (the individual seeds within the pod) are fruits. - a botanist's daughter

EnoughFigCookies said...

Whatever you say, Smarty Plants.

Faith said...

I really think that floss is a good thing to include in a first aid kit. Floss would be useful not only for flossing the teeth but also for other things - perhaps as thread or for tying a bandage around ones leg or something. It's very strong. So I'm with you on that one.

Anonymous said...

It makes me queezy to think of it, but in a pinch floss could also be used to stitch an open wound. (I suspect the waxed variety would be advisable.)