Monday, February 11

Oh, What A Wonderful Weekend

Oh, what a wonderful weekend. I spent a lovely time with HalStar and her cute family, went up to Burlington, studied for precisely 30 minutes at the Bristol Bakery, went snowshoeing with Ten, spied on some cedar waxwings in Ten's yard, read the entire New York Times, had a The Office party with some Vermont friends, watched Ten's basketball team once again submit to slaughter, and went to an incredibly boring Charlotte neighborhood meeting about the purchase of a nearby lot for development.

Also, I learned that Vermont is the only state that Mr. Bush has not visited during his tragic presidency. Yes!

This ought to be a good week. Today after anatomy class I will shower off the stinky stink and then head to the public library for a crash course in biochemistry. Tomorrow I go out to my preceptor's site in Plymouth, NH, where I am supposed to convince octogenarian war veterans to quit smoking. Thursday evening I will head to Montpelier because Ten insists that we see each other that night for some reason.

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