Tuesday, April 22

My Birthstone is Jaded

Last night was the OSCEs. Basically you're stuck in an exam room with an SP (standardized patient) and you have to motivationally interview him/her. And you're being watched by faculty. And you're being videotaped. Once again, I forgot to wash my hands before the physical exam. Despite last semester's virology class and this semester's bacteriology, I still can't seem to get myself to believe in germs.

Ten weeks until summer. It's exciting, but in a way, I think I am going to miss all of the pre-quiz nightmares, and the lonely, panicked cramming, and having my errors videotaped.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


crstn85 said...

What exciting plans do you have for the summer? Other than developing OCD so you never forget to wash your hands again (of course).

EnoughFigCookies said...

- run
- read novels and the newspaper
- update my blog more often
- get an internship (just kidding!)
- cook Ten dinner (at least once)
- volunteer with the UUs
- get my snow tires off
- clear my inbox
- yoga, kayak, hike, bike, badminton
- bring Ten lunch at work (once, tops)
- find a new place to live
- review material from first year (just kidding!)
- be a localvore