Saturday, April 12

Retinoscopies and Rain

Greetings from cloudy Charlotte. This afternoon, Ten and our friend Allegory will submit to my unwelcome touches while I practice my physical exam skills on them. For how simple the skills are ("wash hands" and "listen to bowel sounds") you wouldn't believe how hard it is to remember everything. Next Wednesday I will be evaluated as I perform the same procedure on Even Wheel.

Afterward, to recover our respective bruised dignities, we plan to cook a feast of borscht, spinach lasagna, asparagus, and popovers. I guess I'm a little nervous about the borscht, since I have a bit of a history of overbeeting. Rumor has it that some Apples to Apples might make an appearance.

In other news, TBF is considering moving back to New Orleans. That's an exciting prospect. Hair in Louisiana has certainly taken a turn for the worst since TBF evacuated.


Faith said...

Ask TBF if she would consider moving to the northeast... the haircut I got from her was the only haircut I've ever gotten in my life where I didn't feel horribly socially awkward. And she understood my hair. And she's hilarious. Good luck practicing your physical exam skills. I remember reading an article once that it's possible to be get paid for being a guinea pig for gynecological examinations. I'd totally do it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on Passing :)

PS whats a girl gotta do to get knighted with a nickname from the Outlines Master??