Friday, June 13

The 2-Year Mark

Happy Birthday, Blog! You've gotten to be so big and independent. Will I ever again cradle you in my arms and spoon feed you sarcasm and mediocre wit? Somehow, I doubt it. Now if I can just get you to stop having accidents all over my lap top. (A few of the keys have gotten really sticky.) Come on, you're two now!

In other news, ah....... vacation. Yesterday I took two naps. Then Ten came home from work with our friend Allegory, and we went to our CSA (at Bloomfield Farm) to pick up the week's produce. The people at the farm were so friendly that I started worrying that we were on Candid Camera. We got spinach, lettuce, braising mix (whatever that is), cilantro, radishes, and herbs, pronounced with a hard h. We came home, made a salad, grilled local steaks, and drank local wine on the back porch. Then we had maple ice cream and talked about our menstrual cycles.

Today I slept 'til eleven, hopped on my bike and rode to Mount Philo, climbed up, figured out the meaning of life, climbed down, rode back home, and ate some apples and local tempeh. Tonight we garden.

Was I ever in medical school?

Unfortunately, yes, I was. I know because we all just got a notice from the dean that our Year 3 schedule will consist of around 55 weeks. I'm not sure how they plan to pull that one off, but I look forward to seeing it.


Anonymous said...

Are you no longer a vegetarian?

EnoughFigCookies said...

Oh, I still very much am.