Thursday, July 3

Greetings from Jamaica Plain

I am sitting on Rocky South's third-floor porch, enjoying a cool breeze and waiting for her to get back from work. This morning we will go to Chlo Boat's bakery to read and sample some of Chlo's non-local baked goods. Wonderful. Last night we lounged in Chlo's lovely new house and then cooked a local meal of kale and spinach salad. It was delicious, but I subsequently got one of my famous stomach aches that prevented me from enjoying a cup of pistachio ice cream at JP Licks.

On my way to town yesterday, I sat in 1 hour and 45 minutes of traffic, during the course of which I drove precisely 6 miles. Also, "full bladder" doesn't even begin to describe what I was experiencing in that interval. With some indelicate words, I verbally reaffirmed my commitment to never live in a city, and I commemorated the moment by christening my car seat (just kidding).

Fortunately, I'll be leaving tomorrow morning on the 4th of July, so traffic oughtn't be bad at all.

Tomorrow Ten and I are going to the Adirondacks where we will camp. Sunday afternoon we're working at the Chittenden County Food Shelf, and Roddy's going to be there. I may be able to check another item off my list!

Happy birthday, Mom. I'm glad you were born, and not just for selfish reasons.

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Faith said...

ohhhh I am jealous that you are in JP. Also, Boston traffic is eye-stabbingly horrendous, but the thing about living in a big city like Boston is that you really don't have to drive because they have the T. Next time you go into Boston tell me, and I'll let you know where you should park outside the city and how to take the T in. Enjoy the Adirondacks!