Thursday, July 31

Hello, I'm Home!

Well, Iceland was a blastola. I'll be uploading pictures and descriptions after I retrieve my camera cord from Norwich this weekend. During the course of the trip, I learned how to say precisely two words in Icelandic: licorice and thank you. I guess that gives you some idea about my eating habits while I was there.

This weekend Ten and I are going to the Northeast Kingdom to camp, swim in Lake Willoughby, and hike a couple of mountains. En route, we'll hit up the Montshire Science Museum in Norwich (somehow I never made it during the school year) and we'll go birdwatching at VINS in Quechee. I've been looking forward to this weekend all summer.

In other news, something died in the wall of Ten's house, and the entire upstairs stinks. It's really wretched. The worst part is that the smell seems to be coming right from my shorts/pants drawer. I keep taking every item out, going through the pockets, putting them back, taking them back out, shaking them out, sniffing them, etc., and I just can't find the source. Not that I probably want to.

Tonight is Trivia Night! My favorite!

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Judy said...

We used to spend our summers at Lake Willoughby. I'm not sure if the water ever really got warm enough for swimming, not that it stopped us from trying! I think I spent my childhood in a constant state of hypothermia!
Enjoy your camping!
Check UNDER the rug for dead, squished things. We once found a very flat, yet fragrant mouse under the rug!