Friday, July 11

Seven Eleven

Tomorrow is the Charlotte Town Party. Ten is extraordinarily excited about it, particularly about the three-vehicle parade and the book sale on the green. Tomorrow evening we are going to a wedding. I don't know the bride, I don't know the groom, but I do know that I had to purchase a new outfit for the event. To make the new clothes worth my while, Ten had better plan on dancing.

In other news, today I received a tuition bill that actually took my breath away.

Tonight Ten's aunt comes for dinner. The menu is chard. Speaking of which, the bumper stickers have been ordered. I have an extra, so if you haven't requested yours yet, it's not too late.

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Faith said...

I almost had to buy a new dress for the wedding Dan is in this August, but luckily the bridesmaid dress from his sisters wedding is - miracle of miracles - actually appropriate - so I can score the double coup of rewearing a bridesmaid dress and of not buying a new dress.