Friday, January 30

A Fond Farewell to a Friend

I am getting carpal tunnel syndrome right now as I type with Boo sitting on my forearms. Ten left her with me for the week, and I'd say we've had a pretty good time together. I've given her tons of wet food, treats, scratches behind the ears, and I've sung her plenty of soothing lullabies. I don't really like doing all of that, but it's all part of my mission to get Boo to like me more than Ten. It's arduous, but worth it.

In other news, T-Babe is no longer. I was trying to teach a classmate how to drive (clearly not very well), and Teebes was run into another car in the parking lot. I'm sad about it, so no jokes for now. It turns out that my mom has been kind enough to give me her old car. It doesn't have a name yet, but that won't last long. My dad is going to drive it up next weekend, and we will have a fun outdoor-oriented weekend together while he rests from the 26 hour drive.

Ten is coming down this weekend. We will cross-country ski tomorrow (I got brand new skis last weekend!) and go to S-Deck's Superbowl Party. It ought to be a bit nostalgic for Ten and me, for it was at a Superbowl Party in '07 that we first noticed each other's existence. (I dropped my plate of chips and dip at Ten's feet, and she helped me pick it up in a wholly endearing, non-judgmental way.)


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your car!


Faith said...

My sincere condolences for your dear car. That was a really great car. I am afraid my car is sick too... it is fishtailing and the brakes are acting funny. Not good. Especially since we just had that problem fixed a few weeks ago.

Chloe said...

How terrible!

Of course my thoughts went instantly to your bumper stickers (seeing that you wrote about your car accident and skiing in one post, your safety has been assumed).

Did you save your bumper magnet?

(just another reason we didn't think of about why they are great.)

(oh, and I love you.)