Monday, January 5

The Week In Words

The condo is eerily quiet with all of my friends departed. Here are some highlights from the past week:

December 29: Amazingly, both One Trick Pony's and my flight arrive on time, and we meet up at the Manchester Airport. No need for the Comfort Inn. Excellent. Ten has secretly left flowers and a load of presents from her family in the condo. I am pleased.

December 30: Rocky South and MK arrive. I give the group a tour of DMS. They are, as expected, underwhelmed. Tea at Dirt Cowboy, movies from the library. We make a delicious dinner of asparagus and dumplings, then watch *Devil's Playground* about the Amish Rumspringa. I don't know it yet, but I will accidentally leave *Devil's Playground* in OTP's laptop. There goes my spotless library loan record. Our pee smells.

December 31: Scrambled eggs. Around noon we head to Farm Way to shop for outdoor goods. I buy two pairs of socks. RS buys a cute red fleece. On the way back we hit Dan and Whit's for party hats and streamers. RS and OTP and I watch *Jesus Camp.* Yuck. We begin to make the ingredients for fajitas, but it becomes clear that what we are actually making is burritos. Burrjitas. Ten arrives. S-Deck and Martiniweeni arrive with the most amazing desserts mine eyes have seen. We play Catchphrase and pin the tail on the donkey. Martiniweeni wins. We manage to stay up until midnight, but not much later.

January 1: Communal crossword puzzling. RS and MK depart. Ten and OTP and I go snow shoeing. Hot cocoa at Norwich Inn. Indian food. Ten turns in. OTP and I stay up late watching To Catch a Predator on Youtube.

January 2: We head to South Royalton to visit Carousel '04 at VLS. Can't get a tour because all of the buildings are locked. Eat lunch. Return to WRJ for naps. We spend the evening Youtubing things like "people falling down." Ten howls with laughter.

January 3: Slow getting motivated. Travel to Plymouth, NH for snow tubing. Naps. Yama. The question game. Youtube.

January 4: The Sunday Times. A jaunt around WRJ. Ten beats OTP and me at Scrabble with "aqua." Ten leaves, victorious. OTP and I drive to Manchester Airport and say farewell.


Faith said...

"We spend the evening Youtubing things like 'people falling down.'"

LOL. You are awesome. That is a seriously good idea. I usually just youtube "puppies."

R said...

brilliant! i once spent an entire work day youtubing "people falling down." i kid you not. i have a witness.

did you find this video in your searches? i hope so.

unrelated (...or maybe not?) i think you will enjoy this, too.