Saturday, February 14

Here, Have A Heart

Ten started off my Valentine's Day this morning by listing ten reasons why she loves me. (I told her that was awfully sweet, but Route52 got a ring this past Christmas.) I'm trying to return the favor, and I already have my tenth reason picked out: "I love you because you don't get upset when I can only think of nine reasons why I love you*."

Speaking of Ten, she and I have developed a scale with which to rate our bodily noises. (I'm talking about stomach gurgling, nose blowing, etc. Come on, we have some decency.**) The categories include: volume, duration, brinkmanship, and creativity.

In other news, I'm studying for another set of finals. I love finding the semester's typos scattered throughout my notes. Here are some good ones so far:

-Hyperglycemia does not necessarily present dearly. (Should say "early.")
-MEN 2B has musical neuromas. (Should say "mucosal.")
-This alone in an XX individual could cause the whole cascade of testicle. (No idea.)

* Ten, ten's too limiting.
** We have no decency.


Anonymous said...

Boyz 2 MEN?

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