Sunday, February 15

Cerebrospinal Fencing

Just received this e-mail:

Dear Students,

I have been informed by the medical director from the University of Pennsylvania that there has been a small cluster of UPenn students who have recently contracted meningococcal bacteria infections.

UPenn medical officials have worked closely with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and are recommending that anyone attending a fraternity or sorority party on the UPenn campus on or after February 2, 2009 or have had close contact with anyone on the Penn men or women's fencing team on or after February 4, 2009 should receive prophylactic antibiotics to reduce their already very small risk of developing a meningococcal infection. Meningococcal infections are not highly contagious but can produce severe disease.

I'm so confused. At Penn, the fencing teams are allowed to attend frat parties?

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