Wednesday, March 18

(up)Dates from a Fig

My final year of classroom-based education is drawing to a close. Yesterday was my penultimate preceptor visit; Tuesday after next my preceptor is taking me out to dinner following our clinic hours. (Ten is terribly jealous.) Next week I'll pick up our final set of course packets (for renal phys and infectious disease). Scary stuff.

The Vermont legislature is currently deciding whether to allow gay marriage. Governor Douglas plans to veto the bill. Wrong side of history, Jim, wrong side of history.

The following sentence is true: later this week, Ten is having a lilac pruning get-together with her 60 something year old colleague from work and an 80 something year old acquaintance. Dearest Ten, appearances can be deceiving, but a peer would be relieving.

Speaking of Ten, tomorrow I'm taking a long weekend in Charlotte. My plans include 1) studying, 2) catching up on The Office, and 3) reading *Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations* by Al Franken. On Sunday, Snowy Bus and Clcookso are visiting. Snowy Bus is applying to medical schools and wants to see what DMS is all about. She'll even go to class with me on Monday. A sidekick!

This is so interesting!


Bridget said...

I love Snowy Bus! I'm sad that I haven't seen her (or much of you) since her going away party two years ago!!!!

Miss you dear!

Congrats on being done with your "classroom education"!

Faith said...

No more classes already?!? I had to go through THREE years of it!! (Though I shouldn't complain... I might end up taking 2 classes next year too just because they look really good). (Wow, I really AM a dork).