Thursday, April 16

Don't Read This If You Don't Like Complainers

Remember how a few months ago I had an ear infection in my right ear? Well, I have another one. This time it's in my left ear. Have you ever had one? It feels like someone's taken a baseball bat to one half of your face. (You probably think I don't know what that feels like, but you've never seen Ten in a rage.)

Speaking of Ten, the last time I had an ear infection she sent me flowers. I guess that's the only good thing about this situation: I expect I'll be seeing a flower delivery man at my door sometime this afternoon. (Ten, can you add some yellow so the bouquet will match my living room? Thank you. Also, not to be rude, but the bouquet could be a little bigger this time.)

This term is going to be brutal. The amount of information our professors can pack into six hours is staggering. You'd think by the last term of my last year of classroom-based education I would have gotten the hang of studying/not panicking/listening in class, but I haven't.

Tomorrow I leave for Wisconsin, everyone's favorite state. Here are some things you should know about WI:

Wisconsin produces more milk than any other state.
Wisconsin has the highest per gallon tax on gasoline.
Wisconsin was home to the US's first kindergarten. (Good thing they had so much milk!)

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