Sunday, April 26

Sundays Are Like Really Good Mondays

Well, no proposal. Ten probably just forgot the ring at home. It's no secret that she's getting old and forgetful (yesterday she was 30 and 1/2!). Despite this disappointment, we had a blast at dinner at Montpelier's best restaurant (of, like, 4) with her co-worker, T-shirt, and T-shirt's wife. I almost managed to get through the dinner without bringing up the Med School Killa'.

After dinner we exchanged various items belonging to the other that we had in our possession. I gave Ten a pair of her sweatpants and 6 pairs of underwear from our Wisconsin trip laundry. She gave me my car mat and a bottle of my perfume from her fridge. Then I peed outside behind a bush while she stood guard. So the night wasn't a complete bust.

Today, I study. Barf.

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