Tuesday, May 12

Hello From Renal Conference

My renal conference leader sure likes to talk! And the more he talks the more confused I get. So now I'm purposefully not listening and nodding my head and smiling occasionally to be polite. (I learned how to do this in church.) Today is my second to last day of class! Alright! It's going to be a good day because Ten bought me an artichoke for my dinner. Does anyone know how long ones boils an artichoke? I'm sure it's an art, and I don't want to choke.

I'm super surprised at how tight this week's poll is. Thanks to all of you for your continued participation.

If you have 15 spare minutes, listen to Dan Savage's piece on This American Life.


Emily said...

Re: poll: how about "Duffy FyFy" as a potential band name? (See Parasitology pg. 67 - an RBC type that cannot be infected by Plasmodium vivax)

crstn85 said...

I steamed my artichoke for a really long time, like 40 minutes. Of course I don't have a steamer, so I used a strainer in a pot with the lid semi fitting on top. Turned my kitchen into quite the tropical location!