Sunday, July 26

Color Me Red

Last night on call I was involved in an emergent plastic surgery case, fixing the deep and gnarly injuries of someone who had gotten in a car accident. I got to stitch up an entire 6 inch section of a laceration, which was AWESOME. All things said and done, it was a pretty bloody case. So, anyway, after I woke from my post-call nap, I went directly to the CVS to buy some markers. (I didn't know what I wanted to do with my Ten-less day off, but I did know that I felt like coloring.) Anyway, walking through the school supplies aisle, I looked down and noticed that the bottom of my scrub pants were covered with blood.

I think I tell you this story to underscore how I often don't recognize my own life right now.

Now, a few thoughts on the new Crayola markers I purchased:
- Since when do Crayolas come in 10-marker packs? Where was I when they added gray and pink?
- Each marker has the color written in three languages: English, French, and Spanish. That's neat.
- They are so sharp! Is this new? Or is it just that I haven't had new markers since 1990?

In other news, there are a couple of new polls to the right.


Faith said...

whoa! I'll bet the other CVS shoppers gave you a pretty wide berth.

I haven't had new markers in ages either. All my markers from childhood were shared either with the rest of my class or with siblings, so I don't really know much about new sharp markers. Except sharpies. ooooooh I love new sharpies.

Sandy said...

I tried very hard to locate the info on gray and pink markers joining the team, but to no avail. Sigh. The internet has failed me!

bizcochito said...

Mollie, when Nick was little he was playing with a friend and they broke a red marker and splattered it all over themselves. In the meantime I got a call that Cristina had hurt her foot (actually, she broke her big toe) and I had to pick her up from school and take her to see the pediatrician, then to x-rays, etc., etc. Whenever we got somewhere the waters parted for for us immediately. After a while I began to wonder why everyone was being so nice and attentive upon our arrival, when it dawned on me that they thought Nick was covered in blood! Once we realized what was going on we all cracked up uncontrollably. Nick was about 3 at the time and thought this was hysterical. He did look frightful if you didn't know it was red marker ink. He called this the battle of the inkies, and the story became part of the family lore.
You reminded me of it today.
YOu are pretty cool, my lady.

EnoughFigCookies said...

What a wonderful story! Perhaps we should all keep a red marker in our glove box for emergencies. I miss you, R!