Saturday, July 25

Setadpu Morf JRW

- In the last few days I've seen about a dozen hernia repairs and a finger amputation.
- I am on call tonight. Chocolate covered espresso beans? Check.
- The 'rents return from Peru today. I called them last week at their hotel. My dad ate guinea pig! He said it was fine except for the little remaining pieces of hay from the cage. I asked him if they brought the dish out on its running wheel. He said it wasn't that nice a restaurant.
- 18 more days of this rotation
- In the last week Ten has gone out 4 nights in a row with friends, and she's spending this weekend with old high school buddies in the Adirondacks. Am I jealous? Of course not.
- I'm so jealous.
- I have tomorrow off! Yay!!!

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