Thursday, August 13

Surgery Is Over!

I've hung up my scalpel! After royally failing my third (!) surgery exam yesterday, I drove to Montpelier to meet Ten for dinner. We ate at our favorite restaurant, That's Life Soup, and then went to the famous Dairy Creme (it's not really famous) for dessert. Conversation topics included how train tracks stay in place, if Ten still loves me even though I am just a mediocre med student, racism, and where we intend to meet in case of a national disaster.

This morning I start my ob/gyn rotation. I am looking forward to interacting with people who aren't surgeons. Also, with the female:male ratio, won't it feel a bit like Mount Holyoke?

This weekend I'm headed up to Charlotte. Ten and I are going to do yard work, clean her kayak, sell her kayak, get massages, and go on a long walk.

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