Monday, September 21


So it turns out I actually *do* have access to the internet in the hospital. I could have been blogging all this time! Drat!

I've moved into an on call room at the hospital. The room has a bed, a table, a TV, a sink, and a toilet. I get all of my meals for free, and I shower at the gym that is attached to the hospital. The gym has free towels, shampoo, and body wash. I only wear scrubs so I don't have to pack clothes. I go three-day periods without stepping one foot outside. I'm like Tom Hanks in The Terminal.

This weekend Ten and I went to the Harvest Festival at her workplace. I discovered my new love: roasted corn. I ate three ears and spent the rest of the weekend with intestinal unrest.

A few days ago I got my surgery evaluation, and I swear to golly that the phrase "socially awkward" was used in my "Room for Improvement" section. Being called socially awkward by a bunch of workaholic surgeons is, well... Of course, these evaluators never interacted with me in a social setting, only in a professional one. And being called "professionally awkward" would, I guess, be worse. (Although I kind of like it.)


Sandy said...

You are lovely and amazing.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind...these were SURGEONS commenting on SOCIAL skills. A non-awkward, socially appropriate surgeon (though some specific types of surgeons more than others) is one of the more rare things you'll see on this earth. Don't even begin to attribute any significance to that kind of statement on an evaluation. You are terrific and socially awkward is not, I think, something you'd be capable of in any fashion.

I started with General Surgery my 3rd year got the worst out of the way first! --Gollywobbler's Better Half

Faith said...

good corn is so freaking delicious. i am jealous. not of the intestinal unrest, but of the corn.

Emily said...

Excellent addition to corn = pesto!! Discovery thanks to the Co-Op Producer's Fair :)